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About Us

About us


Texas Mosaix is a faith based organization dedicated to connecting people to Christ through music.


We partner locally and abroad with other organizations focused on Christ in order to reach those in need. 

Mosaix's passion is Christ Jesus. Our goal is to connect people to Christ and to each other through music. God created music before man existed, in Job 38 the bible says that when God laid the foundations of the earth the angels sang & shouted for joy. God created music for His glory and blessed humans with this gift. We use this gift of music to bring all glory to Him and hope that you will connect with us on this journey of relationship and worship to our God. He loves you so much that He gave His only son, so that you can be saved and sing the song of eternal life with Him forever.

Our Board

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Mike Patterson



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Jay Anderson


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Susan Armstrong

Creative Director


Joe Tom McDonald


Myron Wilson

Producer and Director

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